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Bluefield.tech offers a wide range of customizable services, tailored-made for your needs - at any level of complexity. With a lot of experience in the management and development of network technologies, we can follow your vision. Be it software research, implementation, project management, or consultation - we have you covered.


Consulting will not only save you a tremendous amount of time but also help you avoid unnecessary mistakes, forge reliable infrastructures, and optimize workflow at maximum efficiency.


We deliver a highly customized project- & technical-design, time frame, as well as end-to-end mockups.

Our design is based on careful and detailed requirement engineering, to know your needs even better than you do. Our teams work precisely, efficiently, and according to the clients' wishes.

Interactive modeling / Design verification Simulation / Audits
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We deliver highly customized project and technical design, time frame and end-to-end mockups.

Our designing is based on careful and detailed requirement engineering, in order to know your needs even better than you do. Our teams work precisely, efficiently and according to the clients wishes.

Interactive modeling / Design verification Simulation / Audits
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Managed Services

At Bluefield.tech, we pursue the ideal combination of experience, ideas & innovation. We guarantee the reliability of our project managers, who have spent years perfecting their craft. With our managed services, quality is guaranteed in every step of the way.

What do we offer?
Experience Know-How Skilled Managers
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Managed Projects

If your company lacks the necessary staff or experience in a specific project, let us lend you a hand. We will support you step-by-step, from the early drafts to the actual implementation and continuous support. You have a plan – we can help you make it happen.

What do we offer?
Project Drafting & Implementation Support Review & Adjustment
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Bluefield.tech can help your team achieve the desired knowledge for your future projects. Measurable improvements and unparalleled education solutions are guaranteed.

Trainings Bluefield

Remote learning does not have to impersonal. Our trainers will give their undivided attention to your employees, to sharpen their focus and get them back on track.


Improved operational efficiency and collaboration and collaboration for improved efficiency

Systematic Approach

A series of systematical step-by- step knowledge bases


Save costs while improving the knowledge of your employees. We offer training for a variety of network solutions and technologies, like OpenDaylight or Linux in general. Stay up-to-date with our training offer.

Research & Content

Research & collaboration portal. Content development and enhancement


Higher education consulting, development and testing service


Learn in small groups, be it virtual or in a physical space. We offer affordable solutions, which will benefit your employees and help you save on costs. Access workshops at home or from your office-space.


Supervised, in-person trainings in a virtual space


A virtual environment does not have to be impersonal, but mutually benefitial

Support 24/7
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Our expertise ranges from complex SDN projects to framework solutions, visualization and databases. Get in touch